Post-Nightmare Nights Wrap-Up

Nightmare Nights has come to an end, both for this year and for good. While it’s sad to see it go, and I only vended for two years, I’ve had some wonderful memories made in my short time here.

Last year was great, selling DigiBadges and being nerdy with people.

This year was also great, mostly because disaster was, for the most part, averted thanks to the power of wonderful people.

Having disaster strike due to a typo is…. annoying to say the least, especially when that disaster is a few thousand dollars worth of disaster. Compounding this is the fact that it was the second con in a row that things went wrong with.

That’s really annoying.

However, this convention went so much better than BronyCon. How? Well, for one, I actually had things to sell – more than a handful of Arduineigh boards.

Sophie Scruggs (Visit her website. Buy her stuff!) sent me a ton of prints that she had for me to sell, and MintShard (Who hangs out in Discord) sent me a bunch of Arduineigh boards and kits to sell. While, of course, they got their own share in the sales of their own products, between the two of them I was almost able to break even. While I won’t go into finances and exacts, it’s less money than I would have spent had I visited this con non-vending. That is, of course, conveniently leaving out the not-insignificant cost of the DigiBadge Mini mishap, but those will be saleable elsewhere once they’re fixed.

Speaking of which: The DigiBadge Minis can be fixed! But wait, there’s more!

I discussed the issues with the PCB house, and the solution is fantastic but time consuming. What’s going to happen is I will acquire the 328P microcontrollers (Instead of the 328 ones that are on there now), which I will then burn the proper fuses and bootloaders onto. Then I will package those, the problematic DigiBadge Minis, and the screens for the DigiBadge Minis, and ship them back to the PCB House. They will take care of replacing the microcontrollers, along with placing the screens onto the devices, and then send them back to me. It is time consuming, but it’ll be easier and quicker than trying to replace 250 microcontrollers myself. Additionally, I’ll be spared the frustration of putting the screens on myself.

And in further news, I’m discussing options with MintShard for licensing the Arduineighs. What does this mean? With Phoenixborn in charge of production, I can leverage the fact that I’m already having things produced that use some of the same components and save on purchase cost, while also making it easier for me to acquire whatever stock I may need. For MintShard, it means that he has more time to spend on other projects while I send him money for making/selling his stuff. We’re already working on a Neat Design for something new, but that’s Top Secret and we’ve only talked about some conceptual ideas for it as of yet.

The idea has also been brought up for Sophie to sell DigiBadges at conventions she goes to that Phoenixborn is not at, but again – That’s super early and I’m not going to give details that are likely to change and/or are irrelevant and not needed for you to know.

There have been stumbling blocks, but the future looks quite bright! I look forward to seeing what happens, and I hope to have many more bright things to share with you all.

If you want to chat with me, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord. Just give it a few hours, though, because it’s 1AM and I’m going to sleep.



Andon started a company called Matchfire Electronics after creating a digital Color Communication Badge. A while later, he discovered that there was a bigger, older company with the Matchfire name, so the company was re-named Phoenixborn Technologies. And now we're at the present, without missing any details at all.

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