Pre-BABSCON Update

I’m not dead, I swear! I just haven’t really been doing much of note. That, however, has changed.

First up, let’s talk conventions – Or, more specifically, BABSCON. A few days ago, BABS released their vendor hall layout. A few hours later, they updated it to correct a handful of mistakes in it. As I have mentioned many, many times before – Nothing is ever perfect the first time. I didn’t want to post immediately for this very reason. With some time having elapsed, however, things shouldn’t be changing now. So, here’s the map! I’ll be at H11, and Sophie (You should be familiar with her by now) will be at H10. Sophie and I will be covering each others’ booths when needed,

In preparation for BABS, I’m working on replacing the microcontrollers for the DigiBadges and otherwise preparing them. I accomplished the removal of the battery packs today, as the hot air just melts them and they’re a bit in the way even without that issue. On Wednesday I’ll be starting the next step, which is removing all of the ATMega328s in preparation for replacing them with ATMega328Ps. This whole issue is almost certainly the most annoying typo I have ever made. Once the 328Ps are on, I’ll be replacing the battery packs and then soldering on the screens.

I am also going to ask everyone who stops by my booth for a small courtesy. While I love hearing about electronics projects, gadgets, and the like, a convention’s vendor hall is not a good location for such conversations. Unless you’re going to buy something, don’t spend much time in front of anyone’s booth – Not only does this harm the sales of whoever it is you’re talking to by blocking others from viewing their booth, it causes traffic issues and can also cause issues with neighboring booths. If you want to talk, you can always find me on Discord (No convention necessary), and I’ll even be able to chat there while at the booth. And then you won’t be blocking anyone and causing a fuss.

See you in San Francisco!



Andon started a company called Matchfire Electronics after creating a digital Color Communication Badge. A while later, he discovered that there was a bigger, older company with the Matchfire name, so the company was re-named Phoenixborn Technologies. And now we're at the present, without missing any details at all.

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