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Hello again!

I remembered that this website is a thing and that I really should update it.

If you follow my personal account on Twitter (@AndonRT) then, between the bad puns, tech stuff, pride RTs, RTs of friends’ vendor stuff, and this really cool video on early mechanical targeting computers, you’ll have seen that I’ve done a serious amount of updating on the DigiBadge Mini GitHub Page. I’ll sum up everything here:

  • Flash memory storage is fully working! This means that even after hard power loss (Batteries removed and no external power source), the device will boot back to where you left it.
  • An update to the Arduino SD library makes hot-plugging SD cards possible! The device will automatically adjust for when the SD card is inserted and removed.
  • A menu system! Select exactly what you want, when you want it!
    • This also allows settings for both brightness and slideshow speed
  • More flags! The Agender and Nonbinary Pride flags have been added as well.

The most recent update, 1.2b, adds the last two flags and can be found here. It requires the Arduino IDE and the included libraries.

I am going to be adding a “DigiBadge Mini” page to the site, which will have detailed info on updating the firmware, how everything works, and pictures! This may take a bit, but it’ll be coming. Feel free to prod me on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Discord to make it move faster.



Andon started a company called Matchfire Electronics after creating a digital Color Communication Badge. A while later, he discovered that there was a bigger, older company with the Matchfire name, so the company was re-named Phoenixborn Technologies. And now we're at the present, without missing any details at all.

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