As Seen on Show and Tell: DigiBadge Mini!

I’m going to start out with a little bit of explanation. Every Wednesday, Adafruit has a live Show and Tell stream (Their YouTube channel has past onesĀ here) at 7:30pm US Eastern time. After moving a lot of stuff around and getting everything in order, I finally had a decent setup for joining said stream last week. So, of course, I showed off the DigiBadge and managed to perform not terribly. Given my general dislike of cameras, I think I performed adequately.

I was e-mailed some “As Seen on Show & Tell” images to put on the badge, and took the opportunity to take some not-great-but-not-awful pictures. Enjoy!

As Seen on Show & Tell!
One of the Show & Tell ‘Stickers’
Eat your greens! But this one probably isn't that healthy for you.
The original Green Color Communication Badge – For when you’re feeling extra social! These badges inspired the DigiBadge in the first place, and were designed by ASAN.
If you don't want flags on the DigiBadge, I quite honestly don't care.
I LOVE inclusivity. So the DigiBadges include Pride flags as well. Not just the LGBT+ one shown, but the Bi, Trans, Pan, Ace, N/B, and Agender flags. The others simply didn’t look good in the pictures I took.
30628 out of 30720 bytes used as of this writing.
The main menu! Honestly, I never thought this would fit on an ATMega328p, but it does. Barely.
For more info visit.. oh, wait.
One of the menu options is “Badge Info” which will show the current settings, along with basic info on the DigiBadge
The name might be only *slightly* XCOM inspired.
A DigiBadge showing Firebrand the Phoenix, mascot and icon of Phoenixborn Technologies.
Red like a tomato! Unlike a tomato, do not smash the DigiBadge for pasta sauce.
The original Red Color Communication Badge, for when you want to be left alone
I've heard people go bananas over a good yellow color.
The original Yellow Color Communication Badge – For when you want to be social on your terms.

I need to break out theĀ good camera and take some nicer pictures, but then I’ll be able to set up the page I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. For now, though, I’ve made an update to the GitHub Page‘s README file for basic instructions.



Andon started a company called Matchfire Electronics after creating a digital Color Communication Badge. A while later, he discovered that there was a bigger, older company with the Matchfire name, so the company was re-named Phoenixborn Technologies. And now we're at the present, without missing any details at all.

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