Phoenixborn Hiatus

Mythologically, the phoenix is a bird that resurrects from the ashes of its previous incarnation. Some myths say it dies in a firey conflagration, others say it decomposes regularly. But all say it ends up re-born.

Sadly, Phoenixborn has to go on hiatus. There are a number of factors in this, which I’ll go over in varying amounts of detail. But never fear – Phoenixborn will be back. Because it’s a phoenix, and that’s how it works. Also because I’m stubborn.

So, let’s get into details, shall we? I recently shifted jobs, going from a generic bakery guy in a grocery store to an endoscope repair technician. Or, well, I will be. I’m currently in training, which lasts a while. Because endoscopes are expensive. This is great, and being a monday-friday job gives me better free time. On the other hand, there was a few weeks between jobs which drained pretty much all of my available funds. My bills and everything has been covered fine, but Phoenixborn stuff had to take a back seat. And it’s going to be a significant time before I’m able to devote time and money to Phoenixborn in the manner it really needs to be done. That in itself would put Phoenixborn on hiatus for a few months.

Additionally, there’s also the fact that Phoenixborn has been a one-trick pony. It’s been DigiBadge, DigiBadge, DigiBadge. Which is cool, and I’ve got the DigiBadge to a really nice place. But you can only sell so many DigiBadges. Phoenixborn needs to be diverse in its products, and that’s going to take, you guessed it, time and money. So before Phoenixborn comes back, I’m going to have to make a bunch of things.

And as far as selling things goes? Conventions aren’t cutting it. The only conventions I’ve made money at have been BronyCons, and those aren’t a fair comparison. It’s ridiculously close to me, so travel and lodging expenses simply don’t exist. If they did, I wouldn’t make money on it. And online sales pretty much never existed. So, I’m going to have to find a different route.

I’m also going to use this opportunity to re-evaluate how I’ve done a lot of things. I’ll be honest, I’m terrible with social media. And I only have so much attention I can devote to places like Discord. So, going forward, the Discord server and Facebook page will be shut down, and Twitter will be the primary platform going forward (Although obviously on hiatus with everything else, too).

So, what to do to replace these? If you want a tech-centered discord server, I highly recommend the Adafruit discord server. That can be found at As a heads up, it is not a Phoenixborn discord. There’s no Phoenixborn channel. It’s a third party that I greatly endorse, but I’m not invovled with running anything for them outside of being a moderator on the chat. Also worth noting is that the server there is much tighter on rules. It’s intended to be an all-ages, welcoming, friendly environment. And I do mean all ages – There have been some contributors there whose ages are single digits.

There’s no real replacement for the Facebook page, but that’s not something I really used. If you want to follow me, personally, on Twitter, feel free. Bear in mind, though, that is my personal twitter. There will be bad puns, occasional political content, personal content sometimes, sharing of my friends’ stuff, etc. Not a ton of electronics stuff on there.

Now for the big question: When do I expect Phoenixborn to be back? Honestly, I can’t answer that. “Never” is a possiblity, although I’m too stubborn to say that’s likely. It’s more likely to be 6 months to a year. Electronics are expensive, and time consuming to make. And I want to have several things before un-hiatusing.

I may occasionally post updates on things here. I may not. In any effect, see you around.




Andon started a company called Matchfire Electronics after creating a digital Color Communication Badge. A while later, he discovered that there was a bigger, older company with the Matchfire name, so the company was re-named Phoenixborn Technologies. And now we're at the present, without missing any details at all.

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